Are wireless earphones safe?

The answer is YES

People often are worried that the radiations emitting from Bluetooth earphones can impose some serious health risks. We have made sure that our earbuds do not emit significant levels of radio frequency even at maximum power. The EQ8 earbuds go through internal EMF tests at multiple levels to confirm that each and every device is compliant and safe for daily use.


What is the warranty period of EQ8 earbuds?

The EQ8 earbuds carries 1 years of international warranty against any manufacturing defects.


Will these earphones fit securely in my ears?

We know people’s ears vary widely in size and one size cannot fit all. We spent a lot of time studying the variations in the sizes of people’s ears and designed our earbuds in a unique shape to suit all ear sizes. Our earphones come with 3 different sizes of ear tips to create a custom fit for you and keep them in place.


Does it come with a built in mic?

Yes, it has mics built in both earpieces and it supports binaural calls.


Do these connect to your phone automatically?

You will need to pair these to your phone for first time use by accessing the Bluetooth settings in your smartphone will need to be paired to your phone for first-time use. Once this initial pairing process is complete, the headphones will auto-connect any time that they are turned on, and are in range of your phone. Your phone's Bluetooth should also be on. We hope this helps!

Does this work with Android phones?

These work with Android and iOS devices, provided they have Bluetooth connectivity.


Are these waterproof?

The EQ8 earbuds come with an IPX5 rating and are waterproof, sweatproof and dustproof.


What is the battery life on these earphones?

The EQ8 earbuds will provide up to 7-hours of clear, powerful sound with a full charge. Fully charging the headphones will take up to 2-hours, however a quick 15-minute charge will provide approximately 3-hour of play time. We think you'll love them!


How is the sound quality?

Crafted for audiophiles, these earbuds have tuned sound curve technology to make every music genre sound original. Whether you want to boost the bass or turn up the treble, your music will always sound exactly how it should. You are sure to have an ultimate acoustic experience with these.


Can they be used during workouts?

Specifically designed to provide enhanced comfort through its optimal earbuds shape and size, these earbuds are your perfect partner whether you take them out for a run or indulge in a heavy workout session at the gym. The earbuds have been extensively tested for secure fit, so users can be confident that they will stay put, no matter what activity they may be engaged in.


Is there a button to control music and calls?

The earpieces feature built in touch controls that are fastest among most of the earphones in the market and work flawlessly. The touch controls enable you to play/pause/ change tracks, accept/ decline calls and activate voice assistant allowing greater convenience.


Does it have noise cancellation?

Our earphones do an amazing job of blocking out external noise. It is equipped with CVC 8.0 microphone that reduces the ambient sounds ensuring uninterrupted crystal clear calls, optimum voice quality and immersive music listening experience


Does it support Aptx?

It supports Aptx, SBC and AAC audio decoding.


Can I use a fast charger to charge this device?

We’ve got you covered. The device comes with Type C cable and supports fast charging.


What is the Bluetooth version?

It runs on the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version so you can be assured of low latency, stable connectivity, synchronized audio and video, and faster transmission.


How are they paired?

To pair them for the first time, simply take out the earbuds from the case and turn on Bluetooth on your phone/laptop. Select EQ8 earbuds from the available devices options on your phone/laptop and you are good to go.


Can we pair it to 2 devices?

Yes, you can use it on mono mode. You can pair an earbud as a single device while the other earbud is in the charging case.


Which chip is used in the device?

The EQ8 earbuds adopts Qualcomm QCC 3020 chip which is specifically designed for wireless earphones. It is known for its high quality audio quality and reduces power consumption by 50 percent.


Is the case prone to damage?

The case and the earpieces are inspired by Swiss Design and are made with the best of material. We have taken care of every aspect of the build for a seamless audio experience.


Is it safe to put both earbuds in charging case even after charge for whole day?

Yes, the earbuds are meant to be in the case.