About Us

Hey There!

EQ8 is a team of passionate engineers and developers who moreover are audiophiles that believe in creating an innovative personal audio experience for our customers. After testing various wireless earphones from different brands, we found that the industry concentrated on a specific set of features while the other specifications were often ignored, specially the design factor.

It was then when our team believed in an industry where there were earphones that actually looked as good as they Sound! This became the bedrock that EQ8 was built on. EQ8 teamed up with top DJs, music artists from Hollywood, veterans and experts with experience of 50+ years in the audio/acoustic field. They were hell bent in adding color to the black and white sea of true wireless earbuds and create a device that is high on performance and high on fashion.

Today EQ8 has successfully revolutionized audio by bringing an experience that is powerful yet classy, rich and effortless
for those who wish to ‘Live the Balance’.

Initially, we analysed the market to isolate the features that users cared about the most. We identified the 8 main factors and their solutions.

1. Pairing and stable connection
2. Sound quality
3. Voice-call quality during phone calls
4. Battery Life
5. Ergonomic Fit and Comfort
6. Design
7. Water Resistance along with Nano-coating
8. Control functions

Once we made sure we could fit every feature in such a small budget, we then focused on creating a team of developers composed of the most experienced engineers in the fields of Bluetooth, audio quality and battery life across the world.

With competitive benchmarking, we aimed to provide a package loaded with features that are usually seen in high end devices of costly affair. This allows us to take it to a completely different level and miles away from the competition. These are the permutations combinations that made EQ8 give a brilliant audio and an elevated acoustic experience than most of the ‘well known’ True Wireless devices out there.

What Makes EQ8 Awesome?

Describe your product in 3 words.
Live Your Balance

What makes your product special?
Well Balanced Sound. Crafted by a global team of artists, producers, DJs, musicians, and techies with a promise to create wireless audio offerings that inspire passion by delivering every nuance the artist intended while maintaining the freedom of cutting-edge mobility, functionality, and affordability. EQ8 was made possible through partnerships with top-notch component and chip makers in the fields of Bluetooth, audio quality and battery life across the world.

How did you come up with the idea for this product?
In this world of over-inundated marketing, we want to create flagship like audio offerings which are balanced in all sense, where you can truly hear what you've been missing!

What has been the best part of your start up experience?
We always believed that it’s not 10 products which are needed but just one rockstar product is enough to make a difference in the world. We are constantly listening to our backers, fans and beta user. Hence first we interviewed more than 2000 audiophiles and then involved 300 of them in our beta testing before we actually unveiled the product to the world.


Music is the universal language that is completely versatile in all it's different forms; The harmony, the melody, and the vocals all come together to speak a thousand different words that represent pure soul in its art form, whichever genre it may be, from classic and hard rock, pop and RnB, to electronic dance music and its sub genre's.

A great many people listen to their preferred genre of music while using headphones, to make for a more personal experience and to enjoy the bass, treble, clarity, mixing, and vocals.

While there can be a lot more to music than these elements, it's all about finding that perfect match that every music lover looks for. But then comes the million-dollar question, how would you choose the right gadget for the most exquisite experience?

Can the same earphones adapt to all the various genres in music or its subgenres? From Bob Marley to Ravi Shankar, can it travel such a vast distance to provide you with the perfection you seek?

Here is our take on this particular question:
With over one hundred various brands striving to provide the perfect and flawless sound experience in India, we pick up a magnificent brand we love for the perfection of sound clarity but come across something quite interesting, every single product is specifically designed for a single particular genre of music.

So how are they successful?
As we listen to a wide variety of musical genres from rock and pop, to electronic dance music, we comprise to certain adjustments regarding our musical genre of choice, we adjust to our preferred satisfactory experience in the best ways possible.

Why EQ8?

We believe in providing you with the perfect and flawless sound experience that will do your soul justice. While there are products designed specifically for particular genres of music, it creates complications for sound enthusiasts interested in a variety of genres. To get around the corner of this, we design a single product that will provide you with the perfection of sound clarity.

So whether its Apala music or Mozart, to rock, pop or even EDM, EQ8's perfectly balanced output and innovative design will connect your soul to the perfection of aesthetic sound no matter what the genre. With a perfect balance for all kinds of activities, personal or professional, work or play, Spotify or Skype, the innovative creativity of EQ8 will keep you continuously living the balance while being engaged with the best quality and perfection of sound.